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Asset Protection

We do believe that assets requires protection, by adopting the right protection method, the life time and durability of the asset is extended and can be efficiently and safely managed. We possess the technical abilities, knowledge and expertise to recommend the proper protection solution that suits your type of application, either protective coating, pipe wrapping, concrete repair and enhancement or any other solution from the activities we do provide to suit your case and requirements.


Malesuada eget

Malesuada eget

Malesuada eget

Environment, Energy & Sustainability

With awareness of the essential needs of saving energy, environmental protection and sustainability requirements, we at PROFiX adhere and adopt all respective measures and complying and fulfilling the requirements of rules and regulations that can enhance to reduce the VOCs across the wide range applications we carry out through wise product selection methodologies.

Technology & Development

Industry changes, updates and the rapid technological advancements all facilitates and enables an efficient work execution environment and effective developments of products applications and techniques. We at PROFiX weigh the value of technology and adapt it through our robust relationship with our strategic business partners in the industry and products manufacturers that include new products launching and enhancements of existing products that takes place from time to time all to add value to the end user.

Commitment Standards

Success is achieved via long term commitment towards our team and our clients.

Internal training programs and industry experts training forums and updates along with technical qualifications provides efficiency in work execution by the qualified inspectors and experts within the team who adhere and adopt this gained knowledge and industry standards into projects we do carry out.

Project Managment & Client Relationship

Efficient project management is the “core” of our business activities and services we do provide and is considered as the link bridge between client’s requirements and the project success. We do employ the updated standards, processes, tools and techniques in managing projects and meanwhile developing and building up a long-term relationship through an effective collaboration with our clients.