Global Silicon Valley is an established global investment and advisory platform, with GSV Capital Partners headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The Company is operated by internationally successful investment professionals which have been working in the region for decades. The Company invests internationally in innovative technology companies along with projects that have a well-defined strategic benefit to Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Beyond investing, GSV Capital Partners is also active in supporting Abu Dhabi’s transition to a knowledge-based economy through education, entrepreneurial development, and conferencing as well as providing access to unique investment opportunities outside of GSV Capital Partners’ mandate.

We are committed to and grounded in Abu Dhabi. This practice leads to a mutually beneficial relationship that can propel all company projects. In the past, many investment entities have tried to make minimal commitments to the Emirates in exchange for large capital contributions. GSV Capital Partners is breaking this trend and is fully committed to making Abu Dhabi the global base and headquarters for its operations, setting up in the ADGM, and having our employees based in the UAE.

What is GSV?

In literal terms, Silicon Valley is just a small area—less than 50 miles between San Francisco and San Jose. But its influence? To say massive would be a massive understatement.

A remarkable percentage of the most innovative and successful companies—especially high-tech enterprises—call this magical region home. We’re talking trillions of dollars in market cap.

While the fifty miles between San Francisco and San Jose remain the epicenter for innovation, the spirit and entrepreneurial mind-set that made Silicon Valley such a magical place have gone viral and global. From Austin to Boston, to Chicago and São Paulo; from Shanghai to Mumbai to Abu Dhabi, there is something very powerful happening and a Global Silicon Valley is emerging.